Friday, November 19, 2010

Three Things That Shocked Me Today

1) Peter King insinuating (item 2 in "10 Things") that the Patriots wiretap the opponent's locker room at Gillette Stadium. How is this not a bigger deal?
2) Andrew Brandt (last line) suggesting that this weekend's matchup between Brett Favre and the Packers might not be the last of its kind. I really enjoy Brandt's work, but I hope he's wrong about this one.
3) The fact those in charge of tomorrow's football game at Wrigley Field didn't take the brick wall into consideration until a day before kickoff. Sure, this is the first game on these hallowed grounds since 1938, but how can you tell me no one considered this before today?


Thanks for the link in today's Baseball Blogs Weigh In, Mike.

Friday, October 8, 2010

NFL: Week 5 Picks

An untrained monkey could pick NFL games at a .500 clip. I need to make a move.
Rams +3 - I think the Rams are making the playoffs this year. I might be crazy.
Titans +7 - Let's see if Dallas is for real this week.
Falcons -3 - The Falcons are a top-7 team. The Browns are a bottom-7 team.
Best Bet: Texans -3 - Arian Foster should run wild.
Upset: Eagles +4 - Kevin Kolb, it's redemption time.
Record: 10-9-1 (Best Bet: 3-1; Upset 1-2-1)

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Huge News (Potentially) for The Banter App

Looks like the iPhone could be coming to Verizon by year end.
Remember to download The Sports Banter app. For those that already have, keep the suggestions for improvement(s) coming.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wednesday Links

-Randy Moss for a 3rd rounder? Seems like a steal for the Vikes. What am I missing?
-I always assume the worst in these cases putting LaceDarius Dunn on my sh!tlist. Hate these stories.
  Deadspin Funbag
  Brandt [NFP]
-I can't think of a better way to sum up Omar Minaya's run as Mets' GM. [NYT]
-A few of my favorite slogans from years past:
Most Confusing - "SD Stands for San Diego" (Padres, 2010)
  Did anyone not know that?
Least Creative - "Take Me Out to the Ballgame (Braves, 2003)
  A five-year old could have come up with this.
Asking for Trouble - "Have You Seen Her" (WNBA, 2006)
  Too many punchlines to this rhetorical question.
Asking for Trouble (Part II) - "New Balls Please" (ATP, 2001)
Most Creative Ad Campaign That I Remember - "These Guys are Good" (PGA Tour)
  Simple, but very well done.
-Blast from the past: Tyrone Prothro, now a bank teller. [Lost Lettermen] 
BC 10/6/2010

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thursday Links

Bryan has been wrapped up in other things so you are stuck with me today.

-Deadspin's Funbag
-NFP's Brandt

-For any budding football coaches out there, learn from the best: Nick Saban. [Smart Football]

-Speaking of coaching, this guy is no ordinary Joe. []

-Interception of the day from Gallaudet University, a school for the hearing impaired:

The NFL and College picks are scheduled to be released over the next two days. Then, 11 Things I Know I Know on Monday, and an NBA post on Tuesday.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tuesday Links

-Interesting question: should the Packers have let the Bears score a touchdown last night to give them a better shot to win the game? Hindsight, of course, and Brian Burke would say yes. [Advanced Football Stats]
-Another conundrum: should the Jets have gone for the two-point conversion to put them up by nine points? Hindsight and Brian Burke say no while I personally would have said yes. [Advanced Football Stats]
-Blast from the past: Kevin Jones signs with the UFL. I remember when Jones announced on national television that he would be playing his college ball at Virginia Tech. I was sure he was going to be a superstar. [Lost Lettermen]
-As teams start to clinch postseason berths, here is what organizations have to look forward to. [Biz of Baseball]
-Can you really blame Evan Longoria for calling out the fans in Tampa? I can't. We've said it before, the fans in Tampa do not deserve a team as great as the Rays.[ESPN]
-Revenue Sharing in baseball
  -Why it's broken [Biz of Baseball]
-Is hockey the next sport to realize a statistical revolution? [Ottawa Citizen]
BC 9/28/2010